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Chuck Berry and Johnny Rivers, New York

North Fork Theatre in Westbury / New York

June 15 / 2007

By Martin Gibson

We just got home from the Johnny Rivers and Chuck Berry show at the North Fork Theatre in Westbury, New York. What a great evening of entertainment!! The North Fork Theatre in Westbury was formerly known as the Westbury Music Fair and is one of those revolving "Theatre in the Round" (No Kidding the stage spins-slowly- as the Performers Play). What a terrible idea. But that didn't stop Johnny Rivers and Chuck Berry from bringing the house down.

Johnny Rivers had a very solid band behind him and seems ready for a comeback as he has a new CD release out and looks better than ever. No one could quess how old he could be, but he didn't look much over 50, but that can't be right. He played all of his hit songs and only did "Memphis Tennessee" as far as Chuck Berry songs. It is amazing how many big hits Johnny Rivers had, every other song was a pleasent suprise to something I hadn't heard in years. He finished up with "Secret Agent" and I finally was able to see where he plays that intro on the guitar neck.

Chuck Berry was backed by an excellent combo this evening: Jim Marsala, the bass player from Chuck's St Louis band. Daryl Davis on keyboards, need I say more. Daryl is the only guy I've ever see switch instruments with Chuck Berry and carry on jamming. Chuck Berry is one of the best blues piano players around and it is always a treat when Chuck treats us at the keyboard. Chuck looked great and sounded fantastic. He has that famous "Twinkle" in his eye when he is singing or smiling at a pretty girl. He sang a new version of that Ray Charles songs he does ("Love in 3/4 Time").

He played for well over an hour and the highlight of the night was when he saw my daughter at the stage holding a Large Father's Day Card she made for the "Father of Rock and Roll". He called her onto the stage and accepted her card, even giving Theresa's hand a kiss. She later got up and danced on the stage during the finale. It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time and the band was able to follow Chuck's every move. When Chuck did his version of "Memphis Tennessee", he was so much better than Johnny Rivers version (although very good). Chuck just played it the way he felt like and made it sound "Alive".

Once More I owe Chuck Berry a Huge Thanks for a Great performance, he gave my Daughter a Thrill that she will never forget and has made her His Biggest Fan. Thank's Chuck!!! See You at B.B. King's!

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