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Welcome to send reviews on Chuck Berry concerts from all the times (1952-2007).

"Chuck B. Goode" at sold out Belfast arena!

Chuck Berry

Waterfront Hall / Belfast / Northern Ireland

January 18 / 2007

By Cityrocker

My wife and I attended the gig at Belfast's Waterfront Hall and it rocked...

With full capacity of 2.250 fans old Chuck gave one hellova show. It was just fantastic to see this legend come to our town (have you seen his tour shedule... this man is traveling...) out of all of Ireland and the U.K. he should land in little old Belfast town.

Chuck had the place rocking from the start, playing all the old faves and having good banter with the audience. His son and the rest of the band are great muso's but special mention to his daughter who plays harmonica like a devil but sings like an angel.

Sure, Chuck was off-key occasionally and hit the odd bum note, the man is 80 years old for heavensakes. He's entitled. The crowd loved him, esp. when he went into the old duck-walk. Simply fantastic!!

So Chuck, thank you very much for a great show from a true rock icon.


"Good Rockin' Tonight" in Paris

Chuck Berry

Olympia / Paris / France

January 20 / 2007

By pazy2000

"Mr. RockíníRoll is playing tonight only at the Olympia, famous french music hall!"

Well, let me tell you that Chuck Berry is the coolest cat around. The show was great. He is a legend!

Just having the opportunity to see him live is like a blessing. For the secound time atfer Bobitalís Terreneuvas Festival last summer, Chuck Berry rocked the french with his guitar slinging and lyric blasting. U gotta love the man!

And to see him play with his son and daughter was a great moment too. CBII did a couple of nice solos and his sister played harmonica and sang on a couple of songs.

Even though Thomas Kiefer (the first act) was a bit out of context with his acoustic guitar and army of samplers and effects rendering a somewhat soft rock, the crowd patiently waited for itís hero, except for a few diehards who were yelling childish remarks at the young performer.

But when the bell ring ended the "entreact" we all knew it was time for rockíníroll.

The band was on stage first, started of slowly and a few secounds later a tremendous raw guitar sound (Iím sorry but itís hard to explain ... thou Chuck fans know exactly what Iím describing here ... isnít it ?) blasted out of the speakers the intro solo of "Roll over Beethoven", and a then Mister RockíníRoll himself appeared on stage.

Then maybe secound or third was "Sweet Little Sixteen", I donít remember all the songs cause I was a bit in trance as U might imagine.

They played some songs I didnít know, but of course they played "My Ding A Ling", "Little Queenie", "Reeling and Rocking", "Rock'n'Roll Music", "Nadine", and "Johnny B. Goode", thatís of course when every body got up and started dancing (well, not every body, OK).

Chuck seemed to be in great shape...

He joked a lot with the audience. He moved around the stage a lot, played over his arm, did the duck walk. A great show thatís all I can say - [U have to see it].

After having invited women to join him on the stage, Chuck ended the show, in front of a standing ovation. After 1hour and 15 minutes of pure ROCK'N'ROLL. I donít know how he does it playing every night in a diffrent city, but he sure doesnít act, look or rock like heís 80!


Rock and Blues with Chuck in Gothenburg

Chuck Berry

Lisebergshallen / Gothenburg / Sweden

January 26 / 2007

By GothenburgSweden

Just got home from the concert in Gothenburg. I recommend u all 2 see the last real rock and roll and r&b legend. U will understand that many people in music bizniz "stole" their ideas from chuck. I hope Chuck will do a new CD like Jerry Lee Lewis latest. Imagine all rock stars making a CD with Chuck Berry.

Interesting part was when Jim Marsala had 2 go out and tune Chuck's guitar and he sing a nice blues number and the contrast when he got his guitar was stunning. Write more about my reflections in future.

Great show in Stockholm

Chuck Berry

Berns / Stockholm / Sweden

January 28 / 2007

By Tompa

I saw Chuck Berry in Stockholm yesterday and that was great. A nice mix of rockers and old bluesnumbers. Berry's guitarplaying is great. Sometimes he hitting a bad note, but what band / artist can play a concert without any mistakes on their instruments? His band was great to.

Highlights was a rockin' version of "Carol", "High Heel Sneakers" and "Enchiladas". I think it's the Ray Charles song.

Incredible Chuck Berry in Lyon

Chuck Berry

Amphitheatre / Lyon / France

November 21 / 2007

By Red Chuck

The show was an excitment for me. As usual Mr Berry moved around and around. He was in a really good shape and his guitar playing was incredible. Too bad his guitar went out of tune. So he had to take his son's strat for "Johnny B. Goode". And Chuck without his Gibson doesn't sound the same! You know what i mean...

This was my 5th show and my second with the Berry family on stage and guess what I was stroke and shook by Ingrid and Charles Jr. They had such an impact on me that night. Can't wait to see them on stage in March 2008.

Why not travel to St. Louis, Blueberry Hill, one day too...?

Whatever that night I was the luckiest of the evening, 'cause Patrick Rocher called me and enabled me to go to the Hotel Hilton and meet them all: Charles Jr, Ingrid (Sweeeeeet) and Jiiim. it was short but intense! And it seems like I was the only one to know that they 'll sleep at that particular hotel!

And... ho... let me tell you Chuck himself signed me my CD. He took the time! I was so impressed in front of him that i was quiverin' and quackin', shakin' incredible I meet him! Jim was the only one with a can of Heineken in hand! so Rock'n'Roll ha ha ha!

Can't wait to March 2008.

Let It Rock!