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Chuck Berry is on top in Prague

Chuck Berry

Lucerna / Prague / Czech Republic

January 15 / 2005

By Jirka Bohac

Just got back from today's Chuck's concert in Prague, and all I can say is that it was GREAT. I would have never expected a 78 year old to perform this way, smiling, making jokes, and communicating with the audience a lot. He seemed to be very fit and sang well (althought the original records are a lot more melodic).

We could see some nice improvisations when he exchanged guitars with the bass player and played the bass while his guitar was being tuned backstage. At a different time, Chuck helped out the piano player a bit and then even took over the keyboard completely for one song.

Chucks's performance lasted about 60 minutes - I can't remember the exact songs he played. Unfortunately, the roaring audience did not manage to get chuck back on the stage to perform an extra number :/

The Joe Richardson Express, that performed before him, was not quite my cup of tea... too hard-rock (noise) for me.

Anyway, I'm really glad I had a chance to see Chuck live in concert - an unforgettable experience.

Chuck Berry brings down the house

Chuck Berry

Alte Oper / Frankfurt / Germany

June 27 / 2005

By Bookofjoe

The 78–year–old legend played a little rock'n'roll music at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany, recently and knocked 'em dead.

Here's what I love about Chuck Berry: he's the opposite of synthetic, lip–synching and all the bogus garbola that live music embodies all too often these days.

For example: two of the three musicians on stage with Berry were local hires.

You gotta be plenty confident about yourself to wing it like that.

Richard Milne, reviewing the show in this past Tuesday's Financial Times wrote, "As he approaches his ninth decade, Berry can show many far younger performers that, as long as you have that touch, you can still put on a concert as free and fun as any".

Chuck Berry delighted fans in Hamburg

Chuck Berry

Fabrik Hamburg / Hamburg / Germany

November 4 / 2005

By Thomas Einarsson

It was my delight to see the master perform a rushing set in Hamburg on Friday the 5th of November. He is a man without no signs of age. He still seems very vital. Jim Marsala on Fenderbass, steady and reliable as always, Chuck's beautifull daughter, Ingrid, on harmonica and vocal but also his son, Charles jr, on guitar backing up and seemed to fit in the show perfect. Ingrid is a good harmonica player and her singing is a pleasure to hear.

Chuck had a wonderfull back up and the audience in Hamburg responded extremely well, knowing the lyrics, and was right on the spot in the fullfilled Fabrik, a groovy place in the suburbs of Hamburg.

The songs Chuck performed was: Roll Over Beethoven, School Day, Mean Old World, Rock and Roll Music, Key to the Highway, You Never Can Tell, Let it Rock, Carol, Honest I Do, My Ding-A-Ling, Johnny B. Goode, Reelin' and Rockin'. Not necessary in that order.

Great show and a lot of go.

Chuck Berry with footstompin' tunes in Münster, Germany

Chuck Berry

Halle Muensterland / Münster / Germany

November 6 / 2005

By "Implantatboy"

Saw Chuck Berry last night in Münster / Germany - man he still kicks ass! As before with the "legends of rock'n'roll" tours (with Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard) the set lasts 2 hours, of course full of classics and footstompin' tunes. A real master!

Berrys' jumpin' and rockin' night in Besançon

Chuck Berry and Trio Belleville

Micropolis / Besançon / France

November 10 / 2005

By Jean Million

Oh man that was for the 4th time of my life, THE night! Have I to say the day? 10/11, 15h: "Close up my books, get out of my seat". My mum's waitin' for me in front of my school, to bring me back home.

A friend of my father's waitin' for me there, to go to Besançon, Micropolis, for THE show, and so bring me there. 16h30: depart from Villette d'Anthon, where i live, destination: Besançon.

Let's go for 2h30 of road. In the car we're accompanied by Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special's 2001 release: Ignition!, or Stray Cats ' Rumble In Brixton; and of course the 1987's Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll, Chuck 60th Birthday show.

19h, we're here at Micropolis! it seems to be a nice place over there! Many peoples are waitin' for the living legend, all surprised to see him in their town, for the 1st time. They all imagine incredible thing. I'm interiorly laughing! Chuck is rock'n'roll, stop waitin' for extravaganza!

19h30: the doors open! run run jean!!! Gosh only sitting place (no pb, we will broke up the chairs as in the old time! ha ha). I manage to get two place not so far from the stage, good places in fact.

20h30 Trio Belleville, or understand, Django Reinardth's spiritual family. 2nd time i see them, 1st was in Villeurbanne, for Jerry Lee Lewis. Great opening even though it's not so rock'n'roll.

21h10, end of the opening Trio Belleville. Great set ended by D.R.'s Minor Swing. Lovely. Then everything take place so fast, on stage i could face Jim Marsala, and so scream for him (i'd do it many times durin' the show!).

21h30 the master throw us the Roll Over Beethoven riff in our face, preceded by the musicians that came on stage 30 sec before him (Charles Berry Jr. of course, 2 french musicians, and... Jiiiiiiiiim, the king of the night!). The placid crowd wake really-up, to the riff, and scream, jump and holl when the master, with his marine's cap enter the stage. Oh no! he is here again i think! "lol". Then of course the night follow. Here is what i remember of the set list (without School Day, Sweet Little Sixteen, Carol, Little Queenie... but let's see, and wait for Wolfgang to have the real set-list on the group, and a better review than mine):

Roll Over Beethoven
Memphis, Tennessee
You Never Can Tell
Mean Old World
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
Rock And Roll Music
Honest I Do
Around And Around
Everyday I Have The Blues
Let It Rock
My Ding-a-Ling
Johnny B. Goode
Wee Wee Hours
Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
House Lights

Not sure for the order, but I think everything is here. Well, Roll Over Beethoven is almost equal all the time nowadays, even though i think this one was one of the best i lived, with the Villeurbanne one. He pushed-up his son amp volume on it - ha ha very Chuck. He told "bonjour mesdames et monsieur" to salute us in french. Memphis, haaa i think he gotta play this song no more. I hate this one durin' his recent shows. You Never Can Tell, he throw a welcome and play it for France, love the little break he does on it as usual. Jim is a real master thos show them how to stop when the black king want it!

This is a blues now, Mean Old World, perfect '72 intro, Ingrid join on it, scream then he is proud of her, and he got the right! Then a surprising version of (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, no extravaganza on it, he play the "perfect" chords. It's a deal for him to play right chords nowadays!

Rock And Roll Music, well a good version, but not an excellent live tune I think, but with good piano licks this time. Honest I Do, long-and-long version with Ingrid again, awesome. When she told us to told her we love her, guess our (my?) answer. Around And Around, a jumpin' and rockin', kickin' ass version, can't do without this song on a show (as Carol...). Everyday I Have The Blues ... gosh! Is it Chuck or B.B. playin'? god! he got the blues this night. Did he pick some guitar lessons? haha.

Now the top, to me, of the show: LET IT ROCK. Brillantissimo, genialissimo, great, no more word to say about it. Along along along. Great solos god! Ingrid on harp to play a bit of rhythm with his brother Charles Jr, a piano solo (when I say solo, I mean ONLY him, and chuck learn us how to clap hand), then a long duckwalk, durin' the piano solo, everybody scream durin' the duckwalk, but Chuck while duckwalkin' show us it was not him we gotta applause but the piano player, (durin' the duckwalk, he was pointin' the piano player with his finger, did you understand?).

My Ding-a-Ling, it lasted 30sec 'cause i think I was the only with Wolfgang (if he was there, if not, that would mean we were 2 in Besançon thisnight to know it) to know it! Johnny B. Goode. Brillant version, no duckwalk, and sing two time the "mother told him" verse, and no "carry his guitar" verse. Wee Wee Hours, the flip side of Maybellene, that why he put Maybellene coupled with Wee Wee Hours.

Maybellene, great couple, keepin' the rhythm with Jambalaya, and then goes in great solos, '50ies ones! - we are sitting? no pb Chuck run through the ballroom! god i saw him very near me this time. Yes he is cute, haha. Everybody is now stand up. The turn of House Lights has arrived, no more person is sit. Plenty of girls on stage. No words for this House Lights, only 7 min of music. Then his son introduced the band. I scream like a dog for Jim, that he like. Final!

See you nextly Chuck! Don't forget my Carol / Little Queenie next time!

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