Chuck Berry News 2001

Apr 03 / 2001

New Chuck Berry book release:
Long Distance Information: Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy by Fred Rothwell

The new Chuck Berry book, "Long Distance Information: Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy", by FRED ROTHWELL, have been released March 31th. People can buy the book from any bookshop through the ISBN system. Also from all the usual specialist outlets or via mail order.

The book includes full session details, listings of all his key US/UK vinyl and CD releases (including track details), TV and film appearances and much more. Also over 100 illustrations including label shots and many rare photographs.

Mail order prices is 21.35 (UK) / 22.90 (Europe) / $32.75 (USA- surface) / $38.00 (USA-airmail).

Send your address together with cash (in pounds) in a registred letter to: George R. White Publications, Music Mentor Books, 69 Station Road, Upper Poppleton, YORK YO26 6PZ, England. More info at:
Music Mentor Books

Source: George White

April 19 / 2000

New CD Release:
The London Rock & Roll Show

The London Rock & Roll Show" is the title of a recently released CD out now on the Magnum Collectors label, (Magnum Collectors CDMF 105), featuring live performances by Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Bill Haley & His Comets. Taped live at the Wembley Stadium in London, England on Saturday August 5th 1972.


May 12 / 2001

Chuck Berry scheduled to perform at Experience Music Project

Rock legend Chuck Berry will perform live in EMP's Sky Church on May 12. The show begins at 8 p.m. with opening act Jo Miller and Her Burly Roughnecks. The previously scheduled May 12 performance headlining Jerry Lee Lewis has been canceled. Lewis is unable to perform due to illness. Time: 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. Venue: Sky Church. Ticket Info: Ticket holders for the Jerry Lee Lewis show may use those tickets for the Chuck Berry performance. Tickets are also available for the Berry show at the EMP Box Office or by calling 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN. Refunds for Jerry Lee Lewis are available through the EMP box office.


May 24 / 2001

Chuck Berry back in the recording studio

Chuck Berry's former fan club president, JP Ravelli, in Paris, says Berry recently has been in a recording studio in St. Louis. The new recordings will be available on a new album. Berry has composed 13 new songs, which he plans to release as a disc to commemorate his 75th birthday, Oct 18th, 2001. USA Today wrote about the new songs in a story Aug 2th, 2000: "One of them is called "Lady B. Goode", Berry tells us as we converse amiably around an outdoor table as dusk engulfs Delmar Boulevard. But don't expect it to be at all like "Johnny B. Goode". It isn't. During some of his recent European dates, Berry slipped another new song, "Loco Joe", into his repertoire, but he worries about bootleg versions being marketed before he records the tracks!". More info at: Chuck Berry 2001

Source: JP Ravelli

Jun 16 / 2001

Judge dissmissed claim of copyright infringement in lawsuit against Chuck Berry

Pianist Johnnie Johnson's song-writing suit against rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry is no longer about accusations of copyright infringement but all about allegations of fraud and whether Berry took advantage of Johnson's alcoholism. In an order issued in St. Louis on Monday, U.S. District Judge Donald J. Stohr dismissed Johnson's claim of copyright infringement. Stohr said that Berry cannot be liable for such infringement if he and Johnson co-wrote such classics. But Johnson's suit survives because Stohr left intact the claim that Berry misled Johnson into believing that, other than through his work as a studio musician, he had no right to money earned by the songs that made Berry an international music icon. The next step in the case is mediation. Stohr has set a deadline of July 31 for a mediator - yet to be selected - to report whether the case can be settled out of court. Martin Green, one of Berry's lawyers, said Friday he was pleased with Stohr's ruling. Johnson's lawyer, Mitch Margo, was unavailable for comment. More info at:
Chuck Berry 2001

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Jun 22 / 2001

Chuck Berry at Fredrick Brown, jr. Amphitheater, July 27 and 28

Chuck Berry will play at Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City, GA, July 27th and 28th. Nestled in the pines and located in the heart of Peachtree City, Georgia, Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater has been a summer hot spot with the locals since the late 70s. With a beautifully intimate setting for a variety of different shows, the Amphitheater has become well-known in the metropolitan Atlanta area. It's increased popularity and enhanced reputation have since 1994 enabled Amphitheater to secure billing for top-draw acts to participate in the Summer Concert Series. More info at: Fredrick Brown Amphitheather

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Jul 05 / 2001

Chuck Berry played at Jacksonville's July 4th holiday concert

Chuck Berry played at Jacksonville's July 4th holiday concert at Metropolitan Park, 1410 Gator Bowl Blvd, FL. Chuck Berry News hasn't very much information about the concert, but one people (Lori) has wrote a short review on the guestbook at WOLFGANG GUHL'S web site It must have been a great show from one of the masters of rock'n'roll. Here is what Lori wrote:

"Tonight I listened to Chuck Berry in person at Jacksonville's July 4th holiday concert at Metro-politan Park. He gave a really great performance. He made the audience rock. I have heard his songs over the years but this is the first time listened to him live. He was really electrifying. After the concert my husband searched the Internet for a Bio on him. I was amazed at his accomplishment. He truely is Mr. Rock'n'Roll".


Jul 05 / 2001

Reeler have been contacted to support Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill

The up-and-coming Portsmouth band Reeler (UK) have
been contacted to support Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill, September 12th or 19th. This came about when Chuck's pianist, Bob Lohr, stumbled upon The Reeler website, thought the music sounded good, and asked for a CD. Bob thought our stuff was "outstanding" (his word) and told Chuck, who has agreed. "This is a fantastic honour foranyone, let alone a little-known and unsigned band (as yet) such as us. To support the master of 12 bar riffs is unbelievable", says Glenn Dillon, band manager for the Reeler. "Chuck is 75 in October and Rolling Stone magazine plus others will be there, so we have been informed to stand by for interviews plus the chance to do an in-store gig at Vintage Vinyl, one of the world's most famous record stores", says Dillon. The problem for the band is they can't afford fares to USA. The band need about 2.000 and anyone who could sponsor the trip (cash or travel-wise, or anything!) can contact Reeler through their web site at:

Source: Internet

Jul 05 / 2001

Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley at Long Beach Blues Festival

Chuck Berry will perform together with Bo Diddley at the 22nd annual Long Beach Blues Festival, Rainbow Lagoon Park, Shoreline Drive, beside the Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, September 1th. Other artists at the festival is Jimmie Vaughan, Koko Taylor, Lucky Peterson, Guitar Shorty, James Harman, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Little Milton, Shuggie Otis, Denise LaSalle, Percy Sledge and Solomon Burke. Advance tickets: $33.00. KLON members: $30.00 (limit four). At the gate: $40.00 (no discounts @ gate). CSULB students: $25.00. 2 day passes: $60.00. General admission gates open at 9:00 am. Music starts at 11:00am. To charge
tickets by phone, call (562) 985 1686. Online at:

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Jul 25 / 2001

Chuck Berry's St. Louis band

Charles Edward Berry jr. is now playing in Chuck Berry's "new" St. Louis band. It reports he's getting better at every show! The drummer is Bob Kuban, from Bob Kuban Brass. Years ago he had a hit with "The Cheater". Chuck's doughter, Ingrid, is singing and playing harmonica. Her husband, Chuck Clay, dies in december after hard heart atack. He was often in the band, playing drums, and his death is very sad news for all of us. The long time side man, Jim Marsala (28 years on the road with Chuck) is the bassist. At last, Chuck is also backed on piano by the great keyboardist Bob Lohr, a veteran of local St. Louis blues bands, including a regular gig with Arthur Williams. So we can all see (and hear!) that Chuck Berry wants to give the people the best music from some of the best musicans he know in the area. Chuck Berry perform at Blueberry Hill every month. Go to the website and check the next show: Blueberry Hill

Source: Sandy Miller

Aug 22 / 2001

Chuck Berry replaces Aretha Franklin

Chuck Berry replaces Aretha Franklin at New York State Fair, 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY, Aug 23. Aretha Franklin informed New York State Fair officials monday that she injured her ribs and will be unable to perform at New York State Fair Aug 23. All previously sold tickets for the August 23 show will be honored. Ticket prices are $30 and $28. Tickets purchased the day of the show will also be honored for free admission into the Fair. Tickets are available online at - Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Venue information at phone: (800) 475-FAIR or fax (315) 487-9260 Online at:

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Oct 15 / 2001

Chuck Berry 75th birthday celebrations over the world

Chuck Berry's 75th birthday celebrations seems to be a very special thing all over USA. Also in other countrys he's birthday is in bright light and people around the world works with television spotlights, radio broadcasting, exhibitions and tribute concerts. Also stars like James Brown and David Bowie has send birthday wishes to Chuck Berry. Here is some picks from the calendar: Chuck Berry Birthday Celebration at The Pageant, St. Louis, MO, Oct 18th. Chuck Berry Gala Celebration at Valentine Theatre, Toledo, OH, Oct 20th. Chuck Berry Birthday Bash at Verizon Music Festival, Clearwater, FL, Oct 25th. Johnny & The Roccos will perform at Chuck Berry Birthday Tribute Concert in Lulea, Sweden, Oct 26th. Chuck Berry Birthday Bash at Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL, Oct 27th. More info at: Chuck Berry 2001

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Oct 15 / 2001

Chuck Berry tribute in Sweden by Johnny & The Roccos

The well known rock'n'roll and rock-a-billy band Johnny & The Roccos from Scotland will perform at a Chuck Berry birthday tribute event at Fiskekyrkan, Lulea, Sweden, October 26. Special guest is the Sweden- Finland band The Wild Cat Tamers who will play Elvis Sun Records songs. The singer and guitarplayer, Christer Dahlback, was opening act for Berry in Arcushallen, Lulea, 1987, with his former band Moondogs. Johnny & The Roccos are undoubtedly one of the finest bands to come out of Scotland. Their dedication and outstanding live performances have qualified them for a privileged position among the rock'n'roll fraternity, and not just in the UK; in the last three decades they have nurtured a growing interest in Scandinavia and have gained the respect of many American artists. They have played back-up to visiting US artists including Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Fisher, Eddie Fontaine, Buddy Knox and Ray Campi. The band leader of Johnny & The Roccos, Bob Fish, will sing a lot of Chuck Berry numbers on the 75th birthday tribute concert, October 26. Fiskekyrkan is the best place for rock'n'roll and blues music in Lulea. Venue information at (Sweden) (0) 920 220201 or 070 399 0059. Johnny & The Roccos

Source: Fiskekyrkan

Dec 08 / 2001

Two new books - christmas gifts for Chuck Berry fans

Arcadia Publishing of Charleston, SC, has brought out "The Ville: St. Louis" part of it's "Black America Series" (ISBN 0738508152). Author is John A. Wright, Sr. The book give us detailed information about Chuck Berry's grow up neighborhood. Encompassing less than a square mile in St. Louis, The Ville (Elleardsville), was the heart of black culture and commerce during segregation, contained a college, an internationally known medical school, a law school, a nationally known and black-owned manufacturer of hair products etc. Chuck Berry's first home was at 2520 Goode Avenue (now Annie Malone Drive), near Sumner High School and Antioch Baptist Church. He is a former hairdresser (with a diploma from Poro College). In this book you can find important parts of Chuck Berry's rooths. This book is of big interest for Chuck Berry fans and all people who want to learn more about our time and the popular culture.

Chronicle Books has brought out "Rolling Stone: The Decades of Rock & Roll" (ISBN 0811829782) by Rolling Stone authors like Rob Sheffield, Anthony DeCurtis etc. The book delves into Rolling Stone's vast archive and pulls out the most interesting, insightful, and seminal essays and interviews written in the history of music journalism. This is also big and comprehensive, covering rock from the 1950s through the 1990s. Guess who's on the cover? That's right, Charles Edward Anderson Berry with his Gibson in a mid '50s photo.

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Dec 08 / 2001

Chuck Berry in Rolling Stone interview

Chuck Berry talk to Rolling Stone journalist Mark Jocobson at the December 2001 issue of the great rock magazine.

The article is of big interest and show the rock legend in many different ways. The magazine meet Chuck Berry at the recording studio, Four Seasons Media, in St. Louis. Mark Jacobson listen to new songs like "Dutchman", "Lady B. Goode", "The Big Boys", "Darling" and "Loco Joe", (way back in evolution, 4.000 B.C. / Back in the jungle, up a coconut tree...) and also a new version of "Downbound Train".

Source: Rolling Stone

Dec 11 / 2001

The Roots Of Chuck Berry

"The Roots of Chuck Berry" is the title of a new CD with songs who is influential on Chuck Berry's music. Chuck Berry mention many artists and songs in his autobiography (1987) and now Catfish Records has brought out some of them on this CD (Catfish KATCD204). Chuck's influences include a variety of musicians from many different areas of music. There's the straight up Delta blues of Elmore James to the urbane jazz of Duke Ellington and the up-tempo rhythm and blues of Louis Jordan and Willie Dixon. Fred Rothwell, author of "Long Distance Information: Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy" (Music Mentor Books, 2001) wrote the liner notes and not only collected all the information about the recording (date, place, musicians) but also describes how each song affected Chuck's work. The 20-track CD contains original versions of "Mean Old World", "Driftin' Blues", "Route 66", "Don't You Lie To Me" etc. In addition there are examples of the guitar playing by T-bone Walker, Charlie Christian, Carl Hogan and Elmore James who was some of Chuck Berry's favourite guitar players in the 40's and early 50's. Picture and info at:

Source: George White

Dec 24 / 2001

Chuck Berry's 1972 BBC TV show at Scandinavian television on December 28th

The english Chuck Berry BBC TV show from March 1972 will be coming in swedish and finish television, Dec 28th 2001. The show was recorded at BBC TV Theatre, Shepherds Bush Green, London, 29th March 1972, and transmitted by BBC2 on July 22nd 1972 in the serie "Sounds For Saturday". Then again in a shortened form on January 4th 1973. Also one song was given by BBC2 at Chuck Berry's 70th birthday, October 18nd 1996. A bootleg album with the title "Six Two Five" was brought out 1972 (Driving Wheel LP 1001) or (Maybelline MBL 676). In the 90's the show also was transfered to the CD market on these three CD's: "Six Two Five" (Archivio ARC CD-001) Italy / "Our Little Rendez-Vous" (Wolf 2010CD) Austria / "The Essential Collection" (Newsound PYCD-260) UK. I don't know if any of these records is official or legal. The show is fantastic and Mr. Berry play great guitar in songs like "Nadine", "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Let it Rock" and "Carol". The show also include humoristic numbers like "South of the Border" and "Beer Drinking Woman" (Memphis Slim). "South of the Border" was released on a Chess single in UK (Chess 6145027) together with "Bio" in 1973. The musicans in the back up band (Rocking Horse) is Dave Harrison (dr), Billy Kinsley (bs), Jimmy Campbell (gtr) and Michael Snow (piano). The show will be coming in swedish television (SVT2), Dec 28th, 10:40 pm and finish television (TV1) 11.15 pm".

Source: Mattias Bruhn