Chuck Berry 1955

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Billboard July 23 / 1955

Chuck Berry

Maybellene (Arc, BMI) Chess 1604

Berry soeks across an amusing novelty with ace showmanship and expressive good humor. The tune has catchy rhythm and a solid, driving beat. Fine jockey and juke wax. Flip is "Wee Wee Hours" (Arc, BMI).



October 22 / 1955

Chuck Berry

Thirty Days (Arc, BMI) Chess 1610

In very much the same way that "Maybellene" made a quick sweep of the country, so "Thirty Days" is coming forward with great speed and should be on the national charts shortly. Strongest action this was reported in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Durham, Atlanta, St. Louis and Nashville. Flip Is "Together" (Arc, BMI). A previous Billboard "Spotlight" pick.