Chuck Berry's 80th birthday

October 18, 2006

* * * C h u c k B e r r y N e w s * * *

Tribute records

Tributes from other artists to Mr. Rock'n'Roll!

Bob Dylan

At a time when the majority of those his age are drifting into retirement, 65-year-old Bob Dylan has released an album that ranks with the best in his storied, 44-album career. Wonderful sound, almost like listening to live music. The opener "Thunder On The Mountain" just bounces along and if you don't get up and dance to this you need a doctor! The album is a great tribute to the roots of rock'n'roll and blues, and of course Chuck Berry. Let It Rock!

Modern Times

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis's mother once told him "you and Elvis are pretty good, but you're no Chuck Berry"! She also asked Jerry to record "Little Queenie" - and he did it! Of course Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the greatest performers in the music history and he have allways been playing a lot of Chuck Berry songs. "Sweet Little Sixteen" is one of the all time favourites and for the new album Mr. Lewis laid down a great version together with Ringo Starr.

Last Man Standing

Billy Peek

Billy peek is a great St. Louis guitar player. In 1973 he was together with Chuck Berry on a European tour and again in 1983. He play his own songs, like "Can A White Boy Play The Blues", but also a lot of Chuck Berry songs. His new CD include 12 all time rock classics and it is a great tribute to Charles Edward Anderson Berry.

Tribute To A Poet

More Billy Peek

The Midwesterners

The Midwesterners, Madison, WI, play a blend of music from original songs to rockin' covers from greats like Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and Hank Williams. The Midwesterners self-titled first CD was released in 1991. After a few other records they have now released the concept album, "Ridin' With Chuck". It include a cover version of "You Never Can Tell" and the tribute song "Ridin' With Chuck". This is a great album, and near all songs on the album sounds "VERY BERRY"!!!

Ridin' With Chuck


Corkscrew are an entertaining established band with first class musicians, fronted by charismatic lead guitarist, Roger Downton. Their dynamic arrangements include Chuck Berry and sixties-style R&B. Roger Downton's feel for the raw, unique Berry style, produces a powerful, driving sound. Sandy Downton's backing on keyboard, rhythm, percussion and vocals is integral to the live resonance. Dick Irish's articulate bass line adds body and depth to the compositions. And now they have released a "Chuck Berry" album!

Corkscrew Play Chuck Berry

The Groovie Ghoulies

The Groovie Ghoulies has put out the tribute album "Berry'd Alive" in 2005. The Groovie Ghoulies are a punk rock'n'roll band from Sacramento, California, consisting of Kepi (bass), Roach (guitar) and Scampi (drums). On this, their 9th full length album, they have recorded 9 tracks of raw rock'n'roll, fast and hostile, and it's really swinging. Great versions of songs like "Don't Lie To Me", "Betty Jean", "All Aboard", "Talkin' Bout You" and "Come On".

Berry'd Alive

The Refreshments

The swedish band The Refreshments released 2004 the album "Easy To Pick Up, Hard To Put Down". The album include two Chuck Berry songs, "Back To Memphis" and "If I Were". Great versions and very good tributes to Chuck Berry. They have also recorded other Chuck Berry songs. One of them is "Run Rudolph Run" on a christmas album and they have also laid down a live version of "Let It Rock" together with Dave Edmunds.

Easy To Pick Up, Hard To Put Down

Rock'n'Roll X-Mas

Dave Edmunds & The Refreshments - A Pile Of Rock Live

The Refreshments "Live" DVD

Hank T. Morris & The Amazing Buffalo Brothers

The swedish band Hank T. Morris & The Amazing Buffalo Brothers have released three albums, and all of them include Chuck Berry songs. The latest record is a live album with 20 songs and a lot of them is related to Mr. Berry: "Little Queenie", "Around And Around", "Childhood Sweetheart", "Too Much Monkey Business", "Promised Land", "House Of Blue Lights", "Almost Grown", "Rock'n'Roll Guitars", "Wee Wee Hours", "Down The Road Apiece", "I've Got To Find My Baby", "Back In The USA" and "Thirty Days". Hank T. Morris & The Amazing Buffalo Brothers put out rock'n'roll with energi on high level!

House Of Blue Lights

Seven Nights To Rock

Live At...

Chuck Berry Mania

The swedish band Chuck Berry Mania have been on the road for 25 years and every night they are playing a lot of Chuck Berry songs. About 90 % of their repertoire is "Chuck Berry"! In 1997 they released the 5 songs album "Lilla Lackra Christine". The tracks is "Roll Over Beethoven", "Johnny B. Goode", "Run Rudolph Run", "Little Queenie" and "Lilla Lackra Christine" (Sweet Little Sixteen with swedish lyric). A very good CD and a great tribute to Mr. Berry.

Lilla Lackra Christine

A Tribute to Mr. ROCK

Bronco Records released 2005 the tribute album (LP) "A Tribute to Mr. ROCK". Songs: "CAROL" with Sonny Vincent (USA), "COME ON" with The Jerry Speeder Gang (France), "I WANT TO BE YOUR DRIVER" with The Playbacks (USA), "DEAR DAD" with The Hent chmen (USA), "VIVA ROCK & ROLL" with Los High Sierras (Spain), "I LOVE YOU" with The Murrays (Spain), "BYE BYE JOHNNY" with Foggy Mental Breakdown (Spain), "SCHOOL DAY" with Rockzilla (Spain), "SWEET LITTLE ROCK & ROLLER" with Nullskattesnylterne (Norway), "I GOT TOFIND MY BABY" with The Bellerays (USA), "CLUB NITTY GRITTY" with The Maggots (Sweden), "PROMISED LAND" with Sin City Six (Spain), "OH BABY DOLL" with Los Chicos (Spain), "LET IT ROCK" with The Cool Jerks (USA), "DRIFTIN' HEART" with Speedball Baby, "THIRTY DAYS" with Callahans (Spain), "MAN AND THE DONKEY" with Gore Gore Girls (USA) and "LITTLE QUEENIE" with Lost Acapulco (Mexico DF). Great album!

A Tribute to Mr. ROCK

Bunker Graphics

Brown Eyed Handsome Man
St. Louis Salutes the Father of Rock and Roll

The tribute album "Brown Eyed Handsome Man : St. Louis Salutes the Father of Rock and Roll" is released nationally with proceeds benefiting listener-supported radio station KDHX-FM (88.1). It boasts 19 Berry tracks by local and state-based artists, from music legends such as Fontella Bass to regional favorites such as Waterloo and The Rockhouse Ramblers. Their various takes on Berry's songs are energetically roots-rocking, respectful readings that celebrate their idol without ever cutting him. The songs remain first causes of rock'n'roll, whoever does them, and this album is a nonstop boogerator.

Brown Eyed Handsome Man