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Chuck Berry has been a major influence on my guitar playing ever since I was a kid. His song lyrics too are inspirational. I met Chuck several times and played in his backing band at The London Rock'n'Roll show at Wembley Stadium in 1972. There is a song on my latest CD written as a tribute to Chuck, titled "Hey, Chuck" he taught me how to play !!! He is one of the reasons I took up playing guitar, and I love all his music. "Hail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll!!

Terry Clemson (2004)

I have been a fan of Chuck Berry for all my live – he is one of the best – thank’s for the great music – long live rock and roll!

Dickie Harrell (drummer with Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps) (2001)

My first song were just imitations of Doo-Wop. The early people that I liked in Doo-Wop were The Moonglows and The Penguins… Frankie Lymon, of course. Not as a writer but those records… I wasn’t really aware of who the writer was then. Chuck Berry, I would say, he was probably the first really major influence. But I didn’t really know that until later. But these early influences, they had more to do with sound than words. The reason that single out Chuck Berry is because that was the first time that I heard words flowing in an absolutly effortless way. That were not just cliché words. He had a very powerful imagery at his disposal in a lot of songs. ”Maybellene”, particularly, was one of my favorite Chuck Berry songs and records.

Paul Simon (1990)

One of the most beloved musicians to ever grace a stage and make records. Great guitarists. Great song writer. Great singer. Great performer.

Robert Lee Johnson (2000)

"If you have the chance to see him live you have to take that chance. He is the best live artist i ever seen. I saw him in Gothenburg in 1998".

Carl Adiels (1999)

"If the guitar is a symbol for rock'n'roll, Chuck Berry's records from the 50's is a symbol for the rock sound".

Keith Richards (1988)

"Everyone always used to rave about Eric Clapton when I was growing up, saying he was a guitar genius and stuff like that. Well, even on a bad night, Chuck Berry is a lot better than Clapton will ever be".

Angus Young (AC/DC) (1988)

If you want to play rock’n’roll and you wanted to take a guitar ride, you’d end up plying like Chuck Berry – because there is not so many other things to do when you indent to play rock. He really laid the law down for plying that kind of music.

Eric Clapton (1987)

"I once asked George Thorogood why he didn't write more of his owns songs, and he said, "becouse Chuck Berry already wrote all the good songs". He wrote the blueprint. Betwin him and Dylan, that was it".

Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites) (1990)

"If You tried to give rock'n'roll another name, You might call it "Chuck Berry". He is the greatest rock'n'roll poet. The rhythm in his songs has been important for me, Dylan and many other musicians.

John Lennon (1972)

"Chuck Berry is the best songwriter. Before him, there was not any singer / songwriter / guitarplayer. He synchronize guitar and voice".

Roy Orbison (1987)

"Chuck Berry is my favorite R & B artist and I think "School Day" is perhaps his finest disc. I suppose it's the lyric I really go for on this one - marvellous".

Peter Asher (Peter & Gordon) (1964)

Chuck Berry and Little Richard were the "governors". No one could follow Chuck Berry on stage - not even Elvis Presley in his prime.

Gene Vincent (1964)

"I'm Talkin' About You" may not have been one of his cleverest numbers, or even a particulary big hit, but I love it's weight-beat rhythm and general frendless of mood.

Billy J. Kramer (1964)

Chuck Berry has been my main inspiration since I started off in pop music. I've been collecting most of his discs over the last five years, and I never get tired of listening to them. Our surname being the same did cause a bit of confusion earlier on, but not anymore. Chuck's style is definitely all his own anyway. I would say my favorite record of his is "You Can't Catch Me" and I'd like to hear him do "Careless Love" one day, because I think he could put that number over perhaps better than anyone.

Dave Berry (1964)

I'm not what You could call a fanatical fan of Chuck's, but I most certainly like the music. I've got three LP's of him and I'm specially impressed by his guitarplaying. I think he writes some very good songs, and I usually open my own act with his "Johnny B. Goode" , which is one of the best openers there is. I like his disc of "School Day" but I reckon my favourite is "The Man And The Donkey", because of the excellent guitar solo.

Mike Berry (1964)

My band is going to play ”Johnny B. Gode” at our schools battle of the bands. We will win with a song so great. I love it and all the others Mr. Chuck gave to the world.

Harel (2000)

I spend all my time learning Berry’s guitar riffs. I hope one day I will write some quality blues like Chuck.

Ruth Hodgkins (2000)

Chuck Berry is my hero. His music embodies not only a period in time, but more significantly, a period in history. His style of rock’n’roll brought all the various musical influences in the U.S. together into a very special grove. For me, his music is the basis from which real rock’n’roll music has evolved and continues to evolve. His music is timeless and is the embodimentofthemusic of the feet. And, most important, it is FUN, which to me is the essence of rock’n’roll. THANK YOU CHUCK. Hail! Hail! Rock’n’Roll, baby!

Nick Hare (2000)

I’d just like to say that Chuck is one of the best song artists EVER! I saw him in London in July 2000 and he was still amazing beyond all beleif. I’m 16 and would really like to get in touch with other fans, so if any one sees this, please e-mail me at

Jess (2000)

Sav CB live 1964 at the Astoria, Finsbury Park. He was backing by Nashville Teens. Loved him ever since.The best ”motorwaiting” music of all!

Peter Bevan (2001)

Chuck Berry is the only TRUE Rock & Roll Master. Long live Chuck Berry.

Mike Benz (2001)

I am collecting ”Johnny B. Goode” covers made by other artists. I have now 35 different ones. Just started with ”Roll Ove Beethoven” - now at 24 - Chuck really had great influence. To me he is the real King of R and R.

Johnny ”B. Goode” Joosse (2001)

The world we live in today is called The Latter day Of The Law were humanity sufers from illusions. In history there are many examples of people who wanted to become happy but were deceived by evil priests and were human rights were abused at their greatest by arrogant Authorities. The revolutionariesinthefight againstsuchevilswerealwaysledby theyouth. Chuck Berry, the little I really know about him, I personally feel he valued people overall. He is a common person who valued human beings and were one of these revolutionaries in the fight for freedom and the betterment of society. Chuck Berry is truly a contributing Global Citizen. Hail! Hail! Rock & Roll!

Susan Beber (2000)

I first saw Chuck Berry in San Jose in 1969. I have lost track of the number of shows that I have attended, but it is somewhere around 20. Four times at Fillmore West alone. My wife and my kids took me to a show on my 40th birtday a few years ago. They enjoyed him more than I did I think. The greatest influence on rock music ever.

Warren Walther (1998)

I wish I could thank him for all the hours of great musical pleasure he has given me. Chuck Berry is the king.

Yvonne Collins (1998)

Chuck is the Man!

Horny Jack (1998)

Chuck Berry is a bonafide musical wizard.

Bob Lohr (1999)

As a DJ, I get to play a lot of music by a lot of different artists. However, I just can't seem to play enough of Chuck Berry! Undoubtedly, he is the king of all rock and roll guitarists and songwriters! There isn't a guitarplayer alive who hasn't learned to play one of his songs. The generation of guitarplayers today will never match the skill and ingenuity he had during the infancy of rock and roll music!

Eric W. Penman (1997)

Chuck Berrys style of guitar playing has inspired me in a way I can not explain. He is a man that overcame so many racial hardships and gave us the best damn music around, so I say Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll! Rock on Chuck Berry!

Mitch Kirsch (1997)

Chuck is the king of rock and roll.

Magnus Karlsson (1997)

"Johnny B. Goode" is the greatest rock song ever.

Andy Faitel (1997)

Carnage, all over soul. Chuck Berry is God. He is my inspiration for life. I have three tattoos. Two of them are of him.

Lisa Tirrell (1997)

Simply the greatest.

Alex C. (1997)

Chuck is Mr. Rock and Roll...Period!

Michael Homer (1997)

Chuck really is the true king of rock and roll. It was Keith Richards who turned me on to Chuck's sound. Been a fan of Chuck's ever since and have seen him twice. What I need is a Chuck Berry T-shirt!

Dean Berry Kuschell (1997)